Tina Meeks

Whenever Tina Meeks sings her first note, one knows they are in the presence of an artistic master of the art of vocalization. A soul-stirring songstress, Tina Meeks consistently renders a rousing listening experience and commands the attention of her audience.


Tina has sung with many bands, but the most memorable was at Madison Square Gardens with Lionel Hampton and his band. She has traveled throughout the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East inspiring audiences with her music.


Tina’s recordings cover a variety of genres. Her most recent single release, Yes to Love was inspired by her personal quest for growth and encourages us to “turn on the light that wants to shine” within. Journey , a collection of original songs, including “Satisfied” poses questions about life and offers inspirations from her journey so far. For the holidays, Let There be Peace features traditional tunes for the season such as “Ave Maria”, “O Holy Night” and an original “Born on Christmas Day” all arranged by Tina. Another cd, Joy of Living is very popular among positive thinkers and includes affirmative tunes such as “We have a Dream” and “Open up Your Heart”.


Tina continues, on request, to sing favorites from the traditional hymnbook, her most popular arrangement being of “In the Garden” which was recorded in analog format with David Castle, who also co-wrote, “For All That I Am” on the Joy of Living cd.


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